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A sister city relationship is a formal, long-term relationship based on diverse linkages between two cities – including cultural, educational and business links.

Sister Cities…

  • is a proactive response to all that is good in the world
  • is about learning and understanding how other people live

Sister Cities Programs are…

  • locally based and focus on the international interests and values that emerge from a local government’s collaboration with citizen volunteers

Sister Cities Programs…

  • encourage civic involvement
  • foster an international perspective at a local level

The combination of groups from the private and public sector can be described as “small threads”. Small threads make up the fabric of societies and thus, give them resilience. Small threads are the vehicle by which people can “buy” into society, move forward and effect change.

Cities worldwide share several common denominators…

  • urban focus
  • citizen interface (civic, public and private)
  • issues
  • challenges

Increasingly, cities and citizenry are empowered to take on a greater role in a nation’s development. Sister Cities creates opportunities to explore new ideas about solving common problems.

The “information age” has accelerated global awareness, exchange and partnership.

The demands of globalization mean active engagement and assumes a measure of control [over one’s destiny].

The Sister Cities program addresses the positive aspects of globalization.

Now more than ever Sister Cities programs are viable, proven and essential, because of:

  • the realities of the new global economy
  • the urgent need for cultural awareness and understanding
  • the disparities between nations
  • the fact that each culture has much to offer
  • the realization that cities around the world share many of the same issues and challenges

How it works

Sister Cities groups act as facilitators to harness local community resources to implement strategies and achieve program goals.